When Cedar Court Hotels first told us that they were planning to open a new hotel in York and that they were going for five stars, we were ridiculously excited.

Not only is York one of our favourite cities, it doesn’t have a single five star hotel and never has done. And knowing Cedar Court as we do, we knew that if anyone could pull it off it was them.

Our involvement with what was to become Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa started when tours were still being conducted in hard hats and fluorescent jackets. We helped set out the key PR messages, arranged for special sneak preview visits, co-ordinated branding, artwork and the website, and delivered regional and national marketing activity.

We took it through launch, achieving huge national and international coverage in TV, print and online, and continue to manage the PR activity.

So when the five stars came in November 2011 we were cock-a-hoop. If that’s how you spell it.

If you havent visited already, you really must.

What Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa says about us..

 B&H have won us huge quantities of coverage in the trade and leisure media

“Bonner & Hindley have provided invaluable PR, marketing and digital services for Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa in York since before we opened, and continue to do so today. We’re hoping to become a five-star hotel, so it’s critical that we create and broadcast the right messages to the right audiences. B&H have handled this process expertly, winning us huge quantities of coverage in the trade and leisure media and putting us firmly on the radar of our prospective clients and guests.”

by Maria Florou, General Manager, Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa

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