William’s Den

William's Den logo

William’s Den is an indoor and outdoor play visitor attraction based in North Cave, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  It opened in June 2017, comprising an expansive outdoor play area, with discovery zones, den making materials, tunnels, bridges, mud kitchen, water play, and rainmakers.  Its ethos to give children (and adults) the chance to reconnect with the outdoors and get active, away from tablets, tv and smart phones.

Strategy: Bonner & Hindley were brought in to provide full service support for William’s Den, acting as their in-house marketing, PR, and design team.  This includes strategy management, planning and reporting, staff development, PR delivery and full management of all marketing and communications channels including media buying, print and distribution and digital marketing through their social media, website, and e-newsletter.  We also help with the development of their annual events programme focusing on ROI and communicating the strong William’s Den ethos and brand.

Results: Since joining William’s Den in summer 2018 as marketing support through their peak, our focus has been on increasing visitors over the summer holidays through marketing, print, advertising and digital.

Following the success of the summer period, we’ve continued to work with William’s Den, developing our relationship to become their full support marketing, PR, digital and design team.  We’re now working with the team to increase visitor numbers year-on-year and develop a strong and well-known yearly events programme.  We deliver:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Partnership management
  • Brand protection and guardianship
  • Events development
  • PR delivery
  • Media buying
  • Social media management
  • Website maintenance and content development
  • Design support and delivery

Over the last few months, we have management to pull together a marketing strategy, content plans, annual and seasonal advertising plans, design templates and a yearly events calendar – these are all systems which were not in place prior to B&H’s involvement.