Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

In 2013, Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s charity, Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, was established. The charity was set up with the aim to promote and advance the conservation and welfare of endangered wildlife both in their natural habitat and captivity.

Following B&H’s work with the park, B&H began to work with the charity in 2017, with the aim to help grow the awareness of the charity and to increase donations. Through their work with the charity, B&H work on the following:

  • Strategy writing and implementation
  • Maintenance of the YWPF website
  • Creation of social media campaigns
  • Production of content for online use
  • Manage fundraising events on and off site
  • Established and manage a volunteer scheme
  • Partnership development

B&H have successfully increased donations to the charity by developing and implementing fundraising initiatives, planning events, establishing a legacy and Will giving scheme. Furthermore, B&H have developed a schools and corporate programme for the Foundation too.