Yorkshire Wildlife Park

B&H has worked closely with Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) since it’s opening in 2009, celebrating the park’s ten-year anniversary this year. B&H support YWP in all areas of marketing and has worked across a variety of projects, events and initiatives. B&H works alongside the in-house marketing team, assisting with all areas of marketing, including advertising, social media, comms and online marketing.

B&H’s role has included but is not limited to:

  • Media buying
  • Budget planning and management
  • Implementing and running promotions
  • Developing and guiding strategy
  • Website maintenance
  • Event planning, management and marketing
  • End-to-end print management and distribution
  • Corporate and conferencing marketing
  • Education marketing
  • Group travel marketing

More recently, in the last few year’s B&H has also focused on working with the organisation on the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation – their charity arm which supports international animal conversation and welfare.